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Pylon systems is established as an initiative to promote Enterprise integration solutions for Enterprises in all fields that require Improvement as healthcare, Internet based applications and software, Internet Security and industrial Automation. Our main goal is providing the latest technology/science based solutions for each of the for mentioned fields

Our mission is to allow the effective use of cutting edge technologies to take organizations of the Egyptian market from all sectors to the next tier of efficiency and reliability through research and development of our products that are custom tailored and future proof for the fields of healthcare and software. The customer request a specific solution and we provide the Research and development needed to provide the customer with an absolute technological based solution. Thus, meeting the customer needs as well as saving time and costs.



Providing latest laboratory and health systems solutions in Fertility and Cell/Protein/Gene Magnetic separation and isolation. We also provide scientific research problems technological solutions ensuring a no stop for your own research. Not knowing how to get the technology required for your laboratory research? Have no worries, we will provide you with the required assay/kits as well as consultation.

Software Solutions

Is your software holding you back, or helping you grow ? We identify, design and develop solutions to maximize productivity, efficiency and profitabity for your business . Web programming and software development for businesses of all types and sizes .Our security tools provide premium protection for computers, tablets and phones. It combines ease of use, plus innovative security technologies to protect your privacy, money, identity and kids against today’s complex viruses and online dangers .Our highly reliable and affordable hosting plans and Web servers are complimented by the many other Web services we provide. From professional Web site design, expert custom programming, domain names, and much more, our goal is to help you succeed on the Internet .Empower your customers and employees with special Mobile Apps! Today’s mobile users anticipate reaching you and your services at their fingertips. Release your data, accelerate business processes, and engage with your customers with our mobile solutions. According to your custom needs the solution will always be available.Cloud-based storage and syncing services can ease your access to Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos or any other digital assets . No more emailing files to yourself or plugging and unplugging USB thumb drives. We've rounded up the best of these services to help you decide which you should use .


DICOM Workstation

Clemente Magnetic Beads ( Nano Particles)


Basic Version for Android

Health Care Current Products

Nano Technology in Prenatal Screening

Product definition: Coated Nano-sized particles with high magnetic properties which are coated with specific antibodies for capturing trophoblasts cells retrieved from the cervix in early gestation (5th week of pregnancy).

Toxicity: extremely low toxicity since the core is composed of bio-compatible Iron Oxide coated and isolated with dextran or PVA.

Nano Technology serves as a novel non-invasive method for extracting foetal trophoblast cells in the very early weeks of gestation (5 weeks), replacing old invasive procedures (such as amniocentesis). Trophoblast cells can be retrieved and isolated in a very simple non-invasive manner allowing prenatal screening for a specific gene, assessing chromosomal integrity (aneuploidy), sex selection & paternity (who is the father of the child identification).

This will allow for a safe and accurate diagnosis of chromosomal replacements, translocations and diseases without injuring the foetus and allowing the gynaecologist to act early if the PGS comes positive with the undergoing chromosomal or genetic hereditary issue under investigation.


Trophoblast retrieval and isolation from the cervix (TRIC) isolates trophoblast cells from the cervix of ongoing pregnancies. Collection of cervical specimens is performed in an identical fashion as a pap smear, using a cytobrush and placing the specimen into a ThinPrep fixative. At the laboratory, isolation of the trophoblast cells (red) from the cervical cells (blue) is accomplished by incubating the cervical sample with nanoparticles bound to anti-HLA-G. The specimen is placed in a magnetic separator while the non-bound cervical cells are aspirated from the bound trophoblast cells. (

Available Kits

low rate laboratory Kit
10 tests + Clemente Magnet
moderate rate laboratory Kit
25 tests + Clemente Magnet
High rate laboratory Kit
100 tests + Clemente Magnet

Sperm Assisted Nano Selection


Product definition: Coated Nano-sized particles with high magnetic properties which are coated with specific antibodies for morbid/acrosome reacted/undergoing apoptosis.

Suitable for: -
-Male factor with high DFI undergoing ICSI or IVF.
-Male factor with high DFI undergoing IUI.
-Recurrent miscarriage that can be attributed to male factor.
-Early pregnancy loss attributed to male factor.

Toxicity: extremely low toxicity since the core is composed of bio-compatible Iron Oxide coated and isolated with dextran.

What makes our particles special?
-Our particles are a mixture of Annexin V & Lectin which targets specific receptors expressed on the spermatozoa cell surface that exhibits abnormal morphology, reacted or missing acrosome cap & spermatozoa undergoing apoptosis upon ejaculation. Thus multiple targeting for multiple defects is achieved.
-Small efficient size (250 nm average size).
-Gentle separation, no cell damage, no shearing of nucleic acids.
-No particle shedding during wash steps.
-Compatible with flow cytometry, PCR & F.I.S.H
(when capturing abnormal sperm for aneuploidy assessment).
-Rapid response to our magnets.
-Supplied magnets have a very high magnetism and durability.
-Can withstand up to 60℃ (Suitable for all IVF incubators).
-Very simple procedure (add to washed semen – incubate – separate).
-Works with all sperm wash media.
-Preserved in sodium azide for maximum sterilization (wash before use).

Sperm Repro Mag in Action - courtecy of MCRM fertility - USA

Magnetic Separation of Clemente Nano Particles after incubation

Available Kits

low rate lab Kit
two cases of IUI / 4 cases of IVF or ICSI + Clemente Magnet
moderate rate lab Kit
5 cases of IUI / 10 cases of IVF or ICSI + Clemente Magnet
High rate lab Kit
10 cases of IUI / 20 cases of IVF or ICSI + Clemente Magnet

Sperm Sex Sorting (available upon request)




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